Dōjinshi Award

Price for the Dōjinshi of the year 2016

What is the Dōjinshi Award?

This prize is meant to show a special appreciation to the German doujinshi scene as well as to motivate young talents to present their works publicly.

The doujinshi prize honors select artists for the best work of the past year in the doujinshi section. The prize is connected with a prize money of EUR 1,000,- as well as with a trophy carrying the names of the author and his work.

How to join?

In a first step of a multilevel selection process the works that were handed in will be published publicly and be voted to the next level by a public voting.

In the next step, the doujinshis have to pass the tough judgment of a five-member jury (which is still to be assembled), who will after that select their personal no. 1 from their top 3 favorite works. Every vote equals a certain amount of points. The one participant with the most points will win.

You can send in your work starting on 01.01.2017 until 16.01.2017. Except for the awarding on 24.06.2017 there have not been any other dates set yet.

What is the Dōjinshi Award?

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