With his YouTube channel "Ninotaku TV" he keeps the German anime community up to date. This year he honors again the Anime Messe Berlin. The Anime-Enthusiast and Japan-Vlogger Nino Kerl of Ninotaku TV.


We can proudly announce again the famous YouTuber Ninotaku! With his weekly formats covering the subjects anime, manga, J-Games and Japan, he already gathered more than 356,000 fans on the video platform.

At the Anime Messe Berlin he will exclusively host the AMV-contest on Saturday. In addition, on Sunday you have the opportunity to ask him about all possible topics within a Q & A panel. What happens behind the scenes of Ninotaku TV? Where do all the news come from? No matter, he will stand up to your questions!

Of course, there also will be an autograph session, where you can secure one of the hot souvenirs!

In the time before "Ninotaku TV" he was an active member of High5. Nino then started his YouTube channel in December 2013 and since then he has enjoyed an ever-growing fan base.

Details about the AMV-contest will be published here at a later time.



  • Saturday: AMV-contest at 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Q&A Panel
  • Sunday: Autograph session

Facebook: Ninotaku TV @ Facebook
YouTube: Ninotaku TV @ YouTube