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Crowdfunding: Shana x Anime Messe - Help to save the Anime Messe

Crowdfunding: Shana x Anime Messe - Help to save the Anime Messe

Info 05.11.2020 18:30

Today we have the great honour to be the first to report on the licensing of the cult series Shakugan no Shana. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the series, FilmConfect Anime in cooperation with emania ANIME is releasing the long awaited cult series Shakugan no Shana in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy on BD, DVD and as VoD. You can find all information about the Shakugan no Shana licensing directly on the official website:

In this context we, as Anime Messe Babelsberg, are pleased to announce that the official advance sale has started directly via our AnimeTickets-Shop. Click here to go directly to the advance booking:

Shakugan no Shana can be pre-ordered for the "Anime Messe Babelsberg" as part of a crowdfunding campaign thanks to FilmConfect Anime and emania ANIME. You will receive great discounts as a pre-order during the crowdfunding campaign and you can secure exclusive goodies from Shana and our character Manami. Furthermore, with every purchase you directly support the Anime Messe Babelsberg and in times of Corona. 

IMPORTANT NOTE! Since often already asked: Shakugan no Shana is released under the label FilmConfect Anime. emania ANIME only cooperates in production and is not responsible for licensing. The crowdfunding project is an additional support for the Anime fair and the association. The crowdfunding project has no influence on the release. The situation of the Anime Kultur Verein has no influence on the release.

Background to this campaign:

We at the Anime Messe Babelsberg were also hit hard by the Corona crisis. As you know, we had to cancel our events this year. However, this necessary decision had the consequence that already invested money in the events in 2020 was lost. Looking ahead to 2021, we are pleased to be able to hold the event with the help of a good hygiene concept, but we see no signs of a financial improvement in 2020. We rather expect a further deterioration, since, among other things, the hygiene concept will result in significantly higher costs. At the moment the Anime Kultur e.V. has to compensate a financial loss of at least 50.000 Euro due to the Corona crisis.

Due to the fact that our partner events cannot take place either, for which we normally provide necessary financial reserves with, we are no longer able to bear the losses of the events from our own resources. Our company "emania", which provides the financial means for the association to carry out all association projects, has founded the project "Help for self-help" together with FilmConfect Anime. With the Anime licence and the associated crowdfunding we are in good spirits to secure the necessary financial means for the continuation of the Anime Messe, and the other projects of Anime Kultur e.V.

But for this project we need all of you! Because a crowdfunding campaign only works with you. If the Anime Messe and maybe even the Anime Shakugan no Shana are close to your heart, we would be happy if YOU would become a part of this campaign. No matter if you just spread the word or even participate financially. We are happy about every help!

PS: More details about our situation and information about the crowdfunding project will follow day by day on our website. We want to give you the greatest possible insight behind our scenes. We want to show you how many volunteers work for the association and for the company to promote anime culture in the German-speaking world.

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