Ticket Information

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy Tickets at: AnimeTickets.de

In Berlin:
Until 31st May!

J-Store – Berlin:
Kantstraße 125, 10625 Berlin
Opening Times: Monday–Saturday 12am – 8pm

Otaku Store – Berlin:
Residenzstraße 107, 13409 Berlin
Opening Times: Monday–Saturday 12am – 6pm

Plauener Straße 163-165 E, 13053 Berlin
(1. Etage links vom Fahrstuhl)
Opening Times: Monday–Friday 10am – 18pm
Phone +49 (0)30/577011989

On other events:
Whenever AnimeRadio.de is on site, you can also buy tickets for the Anime Messe Berlin at the booth of our partner. The list of events can be found in our forum.

Box office:
On the 1st to 3rd of June 2018, there will be a box office at the Anime Messe Berlin, where you can buy tickets for the day ticket price. Please remember that the Con-Spezial can only be pre-ordered. We are looking forward to your visit. \(^_^)/


Children up to 10 years
Children up to 10 years are free if accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. Online must be ordered for children under 10 years no extra ticket, it is sufficient evidence of age at the box office.

Companion of Handicapped with the sign (B) in the ID card are free and do not need to buy an extra ticket. At the box office it is enough to show the ID.

You are a travel organizer and plan to include Anime Messe Berlin in your offer? Talk to us for an individual offer.


Ticket sales are divided into different phases. The sooner the tickets are ordered, the cheaper they will be. The table below shows how expensive the cards are during the phase and how long the discounted price is valid.

The card quota is limited and unfortunately we can't reserve any tickets. You should buy a ticket in advance, before they are all sold out. Especially the Saturday is usually always sold out.

Ticket-Type to 14.01.18 15.01. - 20.05.18 01.06. - 03.06.18
Multi-day tickets
Fri & Sat 42 € 46 € Can't be bought at box office
Sat & Sun 44 € 48 € Can't be bought at box office
Fri + Sat + Sun (Incl. Cos@Park) 55 € 60 € Can't be bought at box office
Fri + Sat + Cos@Park 48 € 52 € Can't be bought at box office
Sat + Sun + Cos@Park 50 € 54 € Can't be bought at box office
Day tickets
Fri 20 € 23 € 25 €
Sat 32 € 36 € 40 €
Sun 22 € 24 € 28 €
Sat + Cos@Park 44 € 48 € 52 €
Special Offer
J-Disco at firday evening
already included in the Friday or Weekend ticket.
8 € 8 € 8 €
with T-shirt + bag + surprise
18 € 18 € Can't be bought at box office
for subsequent customers. Only valid in conjunction with a ticket.
12 € 12 € 12 €