This year you can help us organize a much better event for you!

You can now become part of our crowdfunding project when purchasing online tickets. The money collected goes 100% in the event. With your help we can get another guest of honor from Japan or organize great events for you at the fair. Of course, as a backer, you will also receive a few small gifts from us. The rewards will be extended by us as far as possible. On this page you can soon also see the top list of the current supporters.

Current rewards

  • All supporters will receive a digital autograph card from the guests of honor after the event by e-mail
  • all supporters will receive a 5% voucher valid until the fair for
  • All supporters take part in the monthly winner draw, where we give away different items
  • The top 3 supporters can take part in the honorary dinner on Saturday evening
Vielen Dank für deine Untersützung!