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House Rules

House Rules

During the Anime Messe Babelsberg, we ask you to observe and adhere to the following notices and rules. Generally, the Anime Messe Babelsberg is a peaceful family event. We welcome everyone who wants to explore the values of Japan and the colorful world of anime, manga, and cosplay with us. The over 200 volunteers of the Anime Kultur e.V. are looking forward to your visit.


  • Please note that bringing your own glass bottles is not allowed! PET bottles are allowed.
  • Please observe the food prohibition in rooms with upholstered seats.
  • The consumption and handling of alcohol, drugs, cannabis, glass bottles, and potentially dangerous objects is prohibited on the entire premises. Persons under the influence of intoxicants or showing corresponding symptoms must leave the premises.
  • Bringing animals is prohibited, with the exception of guide dogs or service animals.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the buildings. Fire department interventions will be charged to the perpetrator.
  • All kinds of damage must be avoided, especially fire, water, and vandalism damage.
  • Thefts will always be reported and result in exclusion from the event.
  • Unauthorized alterations to buildings and technology are prohibited.
  • The distribution of flyers and advertisements as well as the sale of goods is only allowed with the approval of the responsible organizer.
  • Lost and found items can be handed in and collected at the cloakroom at the checkout until Sunday at 20:00
  • Value is placed on respectful, considerate, and careful behavior.
  • Instructions from crew members must be followed.
  • Escape and rescue routes must be kept clear.
  • Please make sure that your mobile phone is set to silent mode during an event.
  • Please do not post recordings on the internet if you are not sure that you have the consent of the person being filmed. The same applies to the Anime Messe program.
  • Cosplays must not be too revealing, i.e., chest, intimate areas, and buttocks must be adequately covered. The cosplay weapon rules of the Anime Messe, which you can view here, always apply. Weapons must be checked by our cosplay weapon check at the cloakroom in the parking garage.
  • Adolescents under the age of 16 without a guardian are only allowed to stay on the premises until 22:00
  • The J-DISCO on Friday is only for ages 16 and up! Please have your age checked at the checkout from 20:00 onwards.
  • Please take care of your belongings! We cannot assume any liability in case of theft or loss.

Photo and Video Recording

All cosplayers and private individuals at the fair may take photos and videos and upload them to cosplay platforms as long as the recordings are of a private nature and taken by amateur photographers or filmmakers. However, please observe the general legal regulations. Always ask for permission before recording someone! A general photo and film prohibition applies if the moderator points it out before a program item.

In Case of Emergency

If you get injured, don't panic – our medical service will take care of you as quickly as possible. You can find the Red Cross to the left of the main entrance gate of the film park. For any kind of problems, please contact us or the film park staff immediately. You can recognize our helpers by the colored crew T-shirts with the current fair motif.

Note! In case of doubt, the instructions of the Anime Messe Babelsberg staff and the Filmpark Babelsberg staff must be followed.

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