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DEMO the Japanese IDOL Group in Concert

DEMO the Japanese IDOL Group in Concert

We have a fantastic announcement for all fans of Japanese idols: DEMO, an up-and-coming idol group from Tokyo, will be giving their very first concert abroad with us. With their hearty manner, dancing skills and singing talents, they will also take you to heaven.

DEMO consists of five talented girls - Super Airu, Otonari Sanari, Tatta Teto, Mocha Frappuccino and Karanashi Ranma. Unlike many other idol groups, they place great emphasis on individuality, which is strongly reflected in their songs and performances. They create their own songs and choreography to create a unique atmosphere where everyone can have fun together. No wonder tickets for their first one-man live in Japan were already sold out a month before the event!

You will have the opportunity to greet DEMO in person at the opening ceremony on Friday. Directly afterwards, there will also be her first concert for you. On Saturday there will be a second concert and on Sunday they will present their life as idols in a panel. And that's not all! Autograph sessions and a photo event with the group are also planned.

Don't miss this unique chance and become part of DEMO's first international fans. They are already looking forward to seeing you all at the Anime Fair Babelsberg!

If you want to learn more about the girls and stay up to date, you can follow them on Instagram: @demo_sanari | @demo_teto | @demo_airu | @demo_mocha | @demo_ranma

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DEMO the Japanese IDOL Group in Concert


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