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AMV-Contest 2024

AMV-Contest 2024

The most popular competition at Anime Messe Babelsberg is entering the next round and will be presented this year by on Saturday evening at 22:30 on the big screen at the fair. AMV is the abbreviation for Anime Music Video. Look forward to the great music videos based on popular anime from Japan and created by some of the best video editors. On Saturday evening, videos full of action, romance and drama will be shown on the big stage. In addition to fame and honour, prize money totalling 600 euros awaits the participants!

If you are a AMV video editor, then we would be delighted if you would join our exclusive or open contest. It is worthwhile in any case! Below we have compiled all the necessary information for you and the form for the AMV Contest can be found here. [ AMV - Application Form ]


Exclusive Contest:
  • 1. Place = 200 Euro
  • 2. Place = 150 Euro
  • 3. Place = 100 Euro
Open Contest:
  • 1. Place = 75 Euro
  • 2. Place = 45 Euro
  • 3. Place = 30 Euro

Conditions of participation:

  • Participation in the competition is possible worldwide. A visit to the Anime Messe Babelsberg is no condition. We allow all participants free entry to the Anime Messe Babelsberg on Saturday, please email us if you want to come in person.
  • The deadline for entries is 10.07.2024 - [ AMV - Application Form ]
  • Exclusive Contest:
    AMVs intended for the exclusive contest may not be made publicly available before the event. It is not allowed to upload the AMV to YouTube or other platforms before the event. We would appreciate our logo at the beginning or at the end of the video. You can submit several videos for the exclusive contest.
  • Open Contest:
    AMVs intended for the free competition may be published before the event and may have already been entered in another competition. You may only submit one video and you must be the creator!
  • For the open and exclusive contest you will need a proof that you are the author of the submitted video. A possible proof would be, for example, a screenshot of the timeline from the video editing programme.
  • The videos submitted must deal with the topics of Japanese anime or video games or cosplay. Videos that glorify violence or show extreme erotic content may be excluded from the competition in individual cases.
  • The videos need to be of high visual and audio quality and may not be longer than seven minutes. Please take care that your video is executable with the standard VLC-Player.
  • You can submit the videos via Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or other similar providers. Please test in advance in a private browser window whether the link has been properly shared. Please do not use services such as WeTransfer or other providers where the files are automatically deleted.
  • With your participation in the exclusive and free contest you grant us the right to use your videos during our events.


  • The judging will be done by a jury composed of the Anime Messe Babelsberg team, who will make an initial selection for the audience.
  • During the event the audience has the possibility to vote for the video.
  • The winners will be announced during the Anime Messe Babelsberg’s closing ceremony on Sunday.
  • The prize money will be transferred to the winners no later than 1 month after the Anime Messe Babelsberg 2024. Please note that we only offer PayPal, IBAN and SWIFT (fee required). If you cannot receive money this way, we can try to send you the prize money in the form of a non-cash prize.

Program item

AMV-Contest 2024



Time Slot

  • on Saturday at 22:30


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