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Become part of the Anime Messe in the traditional Filmpark Babelsberg near Berlin with more than 25.000 visitors! All operating numbers for Anime Messe Babelsberg can be found in our marketing concept for 2024.


Booth information [Top]

Below you can configure your booth for Anime Messe Babelsberg. If you would like to register several booths, for example one in the exhibitor hall and another for the matsuri, please fill out the form separately for each booth. With successful admission to Anime Messe Babelsberg, a mandatory basic fee of 89 euros will be charged. This basic fee includes the processing of the admission, your entry in the list of exhibitors (both online and in the programme booklet) and waste disposal (separate and bundled).

Will be included in the list of exhibitors.

Website to your shop or company.

Choose the classic Exhibitor Hall or take part in the Japanese folk festival "Matsuri" in the outdoor area of the Filmpark and benefit from particularly favourable booth costs. Please note: As a catering provider for freshly prepared food, you must choose the "Matsuri" option, as food preparation is not possible in the Exhibitor Hall.

Please inform us of the product groups you would like to offer at your booth. This information is crucial for granting your booth approval. Please note that offering product groups that were not specified in advance can lead to restrictions or a prohibition of sales for the missing product group.

Booth configuration - for exhibitor hall [Indoor] [Top]

Planned opening hours of the exhibitor hall:
  • Friday: 10:00 to 19:00 Uhr
  • Saturday: 10:00 to 19:00
  • Sunday: 10:00 to 18:00

Set-up and dismantling times:
  • Wednesday: 15:00 to 22:00
  • Thursday: 10:00 to 23:00*
  • Friday: 07:30 to 9:30
  • Sunday: 18:00 to 23:30*
  • Monday: 08:00 to 15:00

* noise protection must be observed from 22:00

Booths must have a minimum size of 2 x 2 metres, i.e. 4 m². The price per square metre varies depending on the time of payment. If payment is made by 14 March, the price is € 109 per square metre. If payment is made by 30 April, the price is € 119 per m², and if payment is made by 14 June, the price is € 129 per m².

Booth constructions have to be registered to us before the fair. You are welcome to inform us about it in the field: Notes & requests for the booth or write a separate e-mail to us.

By default, the longest side of your booth is accessible to visitors. If you want more open sides at your booth, let us know. This service is offered at a fee.

If you explicitly wish your booth to be placed in the entrance area of the exhibitor hall, you are welcome to select this option. We will only charge the surcharge if we are able to comply with your request when preparing the offer.

Additional services [Top]

If additional exhibitor tickets are needed, they can be ordered here. Depending on booth size the following exhibitor tickets are already included: up to 4 m² = 1, up to 8 m² = 2, up to 12 m² = 3, up to 16 m² = 4, up to 20 m² = 5, up to 24 m² = 6, above 30 m² = 8

All power connections are calculated including power consumption for all three days of the event. There are no additional costs for you. Please ensure that your electrical equipment is checked and in good working order before you connect it.

By default our tables are about 0,80 meters deep and available in lengths of 1,20 and 1,80 meters. Depending on availability, the dimensions may vary slightly.

The beer tent tables are ideal for use in the outdoor area of the Matsuris. The tables measure 2.20 x 0.70 m as standard.

The beer tent benches are ideal for use in the outdoor area of the Matsuri. The benches measure 2.20 x 0.25 m as standard.

>Mobile exhibition wall (each meter 60 euros)

For a professional exhibition appearance, we recommend to book a mobile exhibition wall.

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