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Application for volunteer

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The Anime Messe Babelsberg is an event fair organised by Anime Kultur e.V. at Filmpark Babelsberg (Potsdam / Berlin). The programme covers the topics of Japanese art, pop and youth culture, especially anime, manga, gaming and Japanese music. 90% of the Anime Messe is organised and hosted by volunteers. If you would like to become a part of our family of helpers, simply fill out this form. As a thank you, each volunteer will receive a crew shirt, food and a goodie bag per day. [Overview of activities]

Do you have any questions in advance? Then send them to - We look forward to hearing from you \(^_^)/

Info about you

If we already know you by your nickname, it would be nice if you let us know.

Prior to the festival, information exchange will be via Discord. Discord is a free chat programme for PC and smartphone. To enable us to contact you, please create an account and connect with our server [Link to server]. In an image, we show you how to find your own Discord ID. [on PC / on smartphone]

The minimum age for Matsuri volunteers is 14 and for all other fair volunteers 16. Minors must provide us with a declaration of consent from a parent or guardian after successful registration.

Preferably a passport photo / selfie where we can recognize your face. Allowed files: jpg | png | gif

Emergency number which we should contact in case of an emergency.

Volunteer information

Volunteer duties

Please tell us in which area you would like to work. You can also select more than one area. If you don't want to commit yourself, simply select "Allrounder". We will try to meet your wishes.

You belong to a special group, e.g. school class / club or have been recruited by us in some other way. Please let us know here so that we don't schedule you incorrectly in the evaluation.

When can you help us?

We are looking for volunteers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This year, the work are divided into two shifts for a day. Day Shift and Evening Shift If you do not care about day shift or evening shift, then please select both. We will choose a shift for you according to our needs.

The day shift goes from 08 - 12 clock and 16 - 20 clock
The evening shift goes from 12 - 16 clock and 20 - 24 clock

Day Day Shift Evening Shift

If you want to support us beyond your shift, for example to compensate for absence, write us a note.

If you would like to help us with set-up and dismantling, we would be very grateful. The set-up and dismantling days are Wednesday 08 - 22 hrs, Thursday 08 - 22 hrs, Friday 06 - 14 hrs and Monday 08 - 16 hrs. Below you can tell us on which days you are available and when.
Construction day I can help When?


If you are not up close and need accommodation from us, please let us know. Depending on availability, you will receive a seat in our shared team accommodation. We can offer you shared accommodation of about 5 to 10 people per room. Since there are not enough beds, we recommend bringing your own sleeping facilities.

Do you have back problems and can't sleep in a camp bed/sleeping bag, for example?

Help us find the right room for you so there are no embarrassing misunderstandings.


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