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Application for marketing services

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Become part of the Anime Messe in the traditional Filmpark Babelsberg near Berlin with more than 25.000 visitors! All operating numbers for Anime Messe Babelsberg can be found in our marketing concept for 2024.


Requests & questions [Top]

>You have a special request?

If you have a special request or question, you can inform us here.

Ticket advertisement [Top]

>E-Ticket (1.000 euros)

With the pre-sale, visitors receive an e-ticket in PDF format directly after purchasing an entrance ticket. On this e-ticket you can advertise in form of a banner (change of motif is possible).

>Ticket (2.000 euros)

On the day of the event, all e-tickets will be exchanged for a handy business card-sized ticket. You can freely design the back of the ticket.

>Packaging inserts (500 euros)

Around 35% of our tickets are sent by classic mail. We are happy to include one or more flyers per letter into the shipment.

>Entry wristband (1.500 euros)

For quick ticket control, each visitor receives a paper wristband. We are happy to print your graphic on the wristband.

Multimedia advertisement [Top]

>Trailer ad on stage/cinema  (500 euros per 60 second)

A good opportunity to get in touch with our visitors is to advertise with video trailers before our individual programme items. The trailer will be played on all stages. The trailer will be played at least 5 times per stage and shown during the opening and closing ceremonies. That's 27 broadcasts in front of 4.400 potentially interested people:

  • Indoor-Stage: 1.200 seats
  • Outdoor-Stage: 2.500 seats
  • Event-Stage: 300 seats
  • Game-Stage: 100 seats
  • Anime-Kino: 300 seats

>Trailer ad on InfoTV (250 euros per 60 second)

We use an InfoTV on the grounds to inform our guests about the current programme items. In between the information, there is the possibility to present your info trailer (without sound) throughout the day. A total of at least seven systems will be used. The systems are placed at relevant points: Entrance, Main-Stage, Outdoor-Stage, Event-Stage, Exhibitor Hall, Game-Stage, Event-Stage.

A maximum of 12 slots will be allocated. This guarantees frequent repetition of the trailers.

>Social-Media advertising (350 euros per action)

You can get in touch with our guests in advance by sharing your message via our news system or social media channels. However, this must fit into the framework of the event. Product presentations in connection with a raffle are best suited.

>Audio-Trailer on (per week 150 Euro)

Through the ongoing programme on our radio station, we reach around 4,900 listeners a day, many of whom are also visitors to Anime Messe Babelsberg. An advertising spot on the radio programme is the ideal way to reach your target group outside the framework of the Anime Messe Babelsberg. The 30-second spot will be played twice an hour. If you do not have your own spot, we offer you the simple spot production for 200 euros.

Advertisement in the program booklet [Top]

The official program booklet with a circulation of at least 10.000 copies will be handed over to each visitor free of charge with his ticket and is also available at the information desk or can be downloaded from our website (more than 6.000 downloads). It is used repeatedly by visitors to inform themselves about the upcoming program, the individual show acts and the way to the next event. Furthermore, like the ticket, it is a special collector's item among many visitors. In our survey, 46% of visitors stated that they had kept the program booklet as a souvenir. An ad in the program booklet will easily reach the majority of visitors. The program will be produced in A5 format.
>First page (1.000 euros)
>Back-Cover (1.300 euros)
>Full page (250 euros each)
>Half page (150 euros each)
>Logo with website (50 euros each)

Branding & Sponsoring [Top]

>Guest Sponsoring

Are you interested in a campaign with a guest of honour / influencer at the Anime Messe or would you like to invite a guest of honour yourself? Talk to us about it, we are open to cooperation at any time. By being named as a sponsor, you will be associated with the guest at all points in the programme before, during and after the fair.

>Contest branding (750 euros each)

Before and during the fair we offer various competitions, such as the AMV contest, cosplay contest, noodle slurping contest, game contest or drawing contest. The branding takes place both via social media, in the program booklet and on the premises at the event. The material for the branding must be provided by yourself.

>Stage branding (3.000 euros each)

You want our guests to be reminded of your product/brand all the time? Then simply brand one of our four stages. You can choose between the Indoor Stage, Outdoor Stage, Event Stage and the Gaming Stage. The material for the branding must be provided by you, but we will be happy to implement your ideas together.

>Area branding (500 euros each)

In addition to the stages, there's the possibility for you to brand other areas such as the merchant hall, gaming room, karaoke room, foyer etc.

>Advertising on crew shirts (2.000 euros)

Through exclusive advertising on the T-shirts of the crew, you are represented with your company or product in all areas of the event. The complete back of the T-shirt is available and can be designed freely.

>Supplement for the Con-special (free of charge)

Visitors who have ordered the Con-special will receive in addition to their ticket an exclusive fabric bag with a T-shirt and a small surprise. By adding package inserts to the bag, you can reach the customer of the Con-special and increase the exclusivity of the offer, for example through product samples or vouchers. This offer is free of charge for all companies that have already acquired another marketing service from Anime Messe Babelsberg or the contributed content increases the value of the Con-special for the visitor. Circulation approx. 1.000 pieces


This event is primarily organized by the Anime Kultur Verein and its volunteers. In order to be able to give compensation to our many helpers, we are grateful for any financial donation or services which leads to cost reduction. There is a great deal of interest in organisation; providing program points, prizes for visitors, technology, decorative materials and helper gifts; services in various fields (such as paramedics, interpreters, technicians), financial donations.

Advertisement on the premises [Top]

>Entrance banner (1.000 euros)

Place your banner directly above the main entrance to Anime Messe Babelsberg. (plus cost for banner printing & hanging)

>Stretchboards forecourt (900 euros each)

Place your advertisement on one of three stretchboards directly on the forecourt of Anime Messe Babelsberg. Dimensions: 356 x 252 cm, costs: 900,- € each incl. assembly for 3 days.

>Large building banner Großbeerenstr. (4.000 euros each)

The large banners are very well seen from the main road and are a guarantee for an impressive first impression when our guests arrive at the fair. Dimensions: 980 x 1386 cm, costs: 4000,- € each incl. assembly for 3 days.

>Roll-Up (100 euros each)

Roll-ups can be placed along the entrances and at central locations in the building. Roll-ups have to be provided by yourself. You can also have the roll-ups produced by us. For this we charge an extra 100,- € per roll-up.

>Flags (220 euros each)

Flags can be placed along the entrances and at central locations in the building and on the Filmpark grounds. Production included. Format: 64 x 189 cm

>Guidance system - Frame boards (150 euros each)

To help our guests find their way to the many attractions at the fair, we use a wayfinding system at prominent locations (inside and outside). Production included. Format: 59 x 84 cm

>Guidance system - Exhibition wall (350 euros each)

In order for our guests to find their way to the many attractions of the fair, we use a routing system at prominent places (inside and outside). Dimensions: 300 x 300 cm, costs: 300,- € per exhibition wall incl. assembly and production.

>Entrance area - Routing - Fence (140 euros each)

Make an impression at first sight! Our entrance area has over 50 fences, which we can redesign in an anime design for advertising purposes. We are happy to offer you the option of branding a fence in the entrance area as well. The cost per fence, including production and hanging, is 140,- €. Format: 240 x 71 cm

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