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The new Gaming Area at the Anime Messe 2023 introduces itself

The new Gaming Area at the Anime Messe 2023 introduces itself

Event 12.07.2023 15:24

Dear Anime Fans! It's time to reignite your gaming appetite by introducing you to the talented studios and fantastic games that await you in the Gaming Area of Anime Messe 2023 at Prince Ironheart.

Because we know how exciting it is to play the characters you've seen in hundreds of episodes, you'll be able to try out plenty of games based on popular anime such as Naruto, One Piece, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Demon Slayer at our gaming booth ... and the list goes on!

But our Gaming Booth has even more to offer: Get ready to dive into a magical world full of anime-inspired indie games. You'll find a great selection of titles on the theme of our gaming area: futuristic neon meets Japanese anime! 

So much passion and creativity has been brought to the table by these incredibly talented teams: Hokabento, Dexai Arts, Enchanted Works, Visionkeeper Studios, Byte Rockers Games, PawsAndClaws, Broken Lobster and the brilliant students of Games Academy!

And if you're a VR fan, don't miss Respawn's booth where exciting virtual experiences await you!

To help you relax and enjoy these wonderful indie games, Backforce has provided their mega comfy gaming chairs. Make yourselves comfortable and have fun gaming! 


(Artwork by the talented Susen Thonig for Tea House Trouble)

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