The Anime Messe Berlin 2020 is cancelled. New date in 2021.

The Anime Messe Berlin 2020 is cancelled. New date in 2021.

Info 24.04.2020 18:30

Update 27.04.2020 - 21:35:

The ticket reimbursement system is now online. On you can start the refund process. If you want to keep the ticket for 2021, you don't have to do anything else.

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Dear visitors and partners of the Anime Messe,

today is a truly difficult day for all of us. Unfortunately we have to inform you that we have decided to cancel the Anime Messe Berlin for 2020. We did not make the decision easy and wanted to wait until the government in Brandenburg provides us with more detailed information on this topic. Unfortunately, there has not been any official statement about major events in Brandenburg until today. However, to give you and our partners planning security and to enable us to come to an agreement with our main contractual partners, we have decided to cancel the Anime Messe early today in the interest of health. In the following we would like to answer the most frequent questions directly and thank you for four great years with you! For 2021 we have a new date for the fifth edition of the Anime Messe from July 9th to 11th, but we are dependent on your support.

What does the near future look like?

With the 9th to 11th July we want to celebrate the fifth Anime Messe as an anniversary next year 2021 together with all of you! All already paid tickets for 2020 are automatically valid for 2021. Since we know that not everyone has the financial means in this difficult time, we would also like to give you the opportunity to get your tickets refunded starting Monday (27.04.). However, we would like to point out that we can only take place next year from 9th to 11th July with your help. Due to the fact that the Anime Messe was subsidized by the members of the Anime Kultur e.V. with an average of 20.000 Euro, we could not build up reserves for a total loss. We are currently expecting a financial loss of 35.000 Euro for costs that cannot be cancelled. These include, for example, booked advertising, insurance or fixed costs of storage rent. For this reason you have the possibility to exchange the tickets for a voucher for our or to donate the ticket in general. We plan to start the ticket sale for 2021 also next week.

Is a smaller event planned in 2020?

First of all, we want to have our annual drawing competition and AMV-Contest in digital form in any case. Information on this will also be available next week. In addition, we are thinking about holding smaller events, provided that the current situation improves and there is no risk to general health. Whether we can let our little sister event, the Anime Festival in Freiburg, take place on schedule from 28th to 29th November 2020, we will probably not know until the end of May.

From when and how is the ticket refund possible?

From 27.04.2020, ticket refunds for the Anime Messe 2020 will be available on our ticket platform For this you need either your order number or your ticket code. Ticket refunds are possible until 31.08.2020. After that date the ticket refund will be discontinued, but all tickets are automatically valid for the Anime Messe from July 09th to 11th 2021. If you want to help us to get through this crisis, you can exchange all or part of your tickets as vouchers for our shop during the ticket refund or you can donate the ticket.

Why should I help the Anime Messe?

Like many other events in the field of Anime & Manga, our fair is also organized on a volunteer basis. We are not backed by a large donor, nor do our volunteers have any financial benefits from the event. All our helpers invest their free time to promote the Anime & Manga culture in Germany and to offer you a change from everyday life. Due to the total loss of the fair we are facing a high mountain of debt, because costs e.g. for booked advertising, insurances or fixed costs of storage rent are not refundable and we are currently unable to generate income at other events with our booth to finance the projects of the Anime Kultur Verein. Without your support the Anime Messe is not possible.

Who is behind the Anime Messe?

The Anime Messe is organized by Anime Kultur e.V. and emania Media Service GmbH. Both the Anime Kultur e.V. and the emania Media Service GmbH are managed by Michael Klement. While the Anime Kultur e.V. stands for the idealistic aspects and represents the community, the emania Media Service GmbH takes care of the contracts and the financing of the projects of the Anime Kultur Verein. Both the Anime Kultur e.V. and the emania Media Service GmbH are run by Michael Klement free of charge in an honorary capacity. That means there is no payment of salary.

How can you help us directly?

To ensure that we can continue to promote the Anime & Manga culture in Germany & Austria, we are dependent on external donations this year for the first time in our history. You can send them directly to our account via IBAN or PayPal. For a receipt you can contact us via Please note that we can only issue normal receipts. As Anime Kultur e.V. we cannot grant tax benefits.

Owner: Anime Kultur e.V.

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BANK: Berliner Sparkasse

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Oder PayPal:

What is the money used for?

The money is needed to compensate for the total loss of 2020. We use the money to finance ongoing costs such as our storage, insurance and GEMA fees for our We are also currently planning a website so that you can transparently track what donations we have received and what we need the donations for.

What happens with the registrations for exhibitors, draughtsmen and show groups?

First of all we would like to thank you all very much for your encouragement! Since we are on the road with at many fairs ourselves, we know how hard it is for all of you at the moment. We had hoped until the end that we could have given you better news. We sympathize with you and try to organize even smaller events this year under the aspect of health justifiability! In general, however, all registrations for the Anime Messe Berlin 2020 have to be cancelled/refused. For 2021 there will be a new registration phase, as there will also be changes on the Filmpark grounds. We will inform you about the start of registration phase by e-mail. If you have not yet registered for the Anime Messe, you can send us your email to, asking to be added to the registration mailing list.

Why was the cancellation not made directly on 15.04.2020?

As we wrote on 15.04., the general German government decided on that day that major events would be banned until 31 August. However, each federal state should clarify the definition of major events itself, in terms of how many visitors are allowed. For us this means that we were dependent on the decision of Brandenburg. If we had cancelled the event ourselves, it would have been a private decision and we would have been obliged to fulfil our contracts in full. From a legal point of view, this would have meant a direct declaration of insolvency and we would no longer have been able to offer a ticket refund. We wanted to avoid this in any case, because we know that many people from the anime community save a long time for a ticket. Now that we have an agreement with the main contract partners, we don't have to wait for Brandenburg any longer and can make decisions in the interest of health. Thank you very much that most of you were understanding and gave us the time to clear the matter up.

If you have any special questions, we will of course be happy to answer them via our contact options.

In this sense we wish you all the best for the current time and stay healthy! Cheer up and look ahead, it will definitely continue!

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