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FATE GEAR in Concert

FATE GEAR in Concert

Ai sailors! Set sail, cast off your lines and set course for Anime Land in the direction of Anime Messe Babelsberg. With FATE GEAR, we are proud to announce the first big hit for the Anime Messe 2023. We are very happy to welcome the five pirates of the steam punk band FATE GEAR next summer. Welcome them as they enter the harbour of Animeland at the opening ceremony on Friday and enjoy stormy and melodic adventure music with FATE GEAR on Saturday and Sunday!

In summer 2023, we will present the legendary Japanese steam punk band FATE GEAR at the Anime Messe in Filmpark Babelsberg near Berlin. Together we will conquer unknown territory with Captain Mina and her pirate band. With founding member Captain Mina at the helm, the band is well on its way to international success; conquering stages all over the world, fighting enemies, hunting treasure and stealing fans' hearts along the way. 

In 2007, Mina was a founding member of DESTROSE, one of the initiators of the boom in all-female metal bands. DESTROSE paved the way for bands like Babymetal and Lovebites. When Mina started in 2015, she was determined to create a band with a unique personality and a profound sound, in line with the prominent steampunk theme. She found her allies in demon drummer Haruka, mechanical doll keyboardist Yuri, master shredder bassist Nino and Nana with her insane death vocals, clean vocals, screams and growls. FATE GEAR's career really took off when their song Megabullets was featured in the Netflix anime "Kengan Ashura". 

Earlier this year, the concept album The Sky Prison and the EP Scars in My Life -English Edition- were released to the praise of fans and critics alike. The official music video for The Sky Pirates has reached over 1 million views on YouTube. The music video really captures the intensity and conceptual brilliance of the band. The production surpasses anything FATE GEAR has ever done before. FATE GEAR is more than a band, it's a fashion statement, a story and a worldview. After two successful tours in Europe and many shows in Asia, fans have gotten a taste of this sensational band. Will you be joining them on their adventure?

Look forward to a great open-air concert in the Vulkanarena on Saturday afternoon and a cool indoor concert on Sunday in our Metropolishalle. They will also be holding an autograph session for you on all three days, where you can get an autograph on official merch or autograph cards. 

On Saturday and Sunday after the show you will also have the opportunity to take part in the meet and greet and photo session.  However, you will have to buy an extra ticket for 25 euros each. The ticket includes a goodie, a poster with an autograph of all members and a photo with the band. You can also purchase the Meet and Greet ticket via AnimeTickets.de/en. IMPORTANT! You must have an Anime Messe ticket in order to participate in the Meet and Greet, or the concerts are included free of charge in the Anime Messe ticket.

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FATE GEAR in Concert


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