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Spice and Wolf
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Spice and Wolf

One day, when Lawrence, a travelling merchant, pays a visit to the village of Pasloe, he finds a naked girl making herself comfortable in his horse-drawn cart loaded with marten skins. Her name is Holo, the harvest deity, an outwardly human being, but equipped with the ears and tail of a wolf. The cheerful young woman wants to join Lawrence in order to get back to her old home. Along the way, however, great adventures await the two characters, who are hardly opposites!

Lawrence, with the help of Marlheits, devises a plan to free Holo from the captivity of the Medio trading company and at the same time uncover the string-pullers behind the silver coin scandal. The plan seems to fail at first, until Holo transforms into her wolf form and scares away the pursuers. Lawrence and Marlheit successfully negotiate special rights from the king and collect a hefty profit. The journey of the unequal pair continues north to the church town of Ruvinheigen. On the way there they meet more dubious traders and mysterious figures ...

Lawrence and Holo, together with the shepherdess Norah, have successfully made it to Ruvinheigen. Now Lawrence only has to sell the armour from Latparron for a profit. However, when he goes to the trading company Remelio to negotiate, he learns that the prices for weapons and armour are in the basement and his goods are practically scrap. Since Lawrence bought them on credit, this means he is on the verge of bankruptcy! Unless he pays back his debts to the last cent within three days ...

Program item

Spice and Wolf


Anime Cinema

Time Slot

  • on Friday at 10:40
    • Audio on German


  • Duration: 50 Minutes



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