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[Oshi No Ko] - [Mein*Star]
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[Oshi No Ko] - [Mein*Star]

Ever since a patient asked him what it would be like to be reborn as the child of a star, doctor Goro has been a hardcore fan of the idol Ai from the group B-Komachi. So he can hardly believe it when she turns up one day in his consultation room at the rural hospital! Not only that, she is pregnant and wants to keep the upcoming birth of her twins a secret from the public in order to return to the stage soon. Goro, however, does not yet know that fate soon has a far greater change in store for him in his life...

Program item

[Oshi No Ko] - [Mein*Star]


Anime Cinema

Time Slot

  • on Friday at 13:30
    • Audio on Japanese
    • Subtitle on German
  • on Saturday at 18:20
    • Audio on Japanese
    • Subtitle on German


  • Duration: 90 Minutes


peppermint anime

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