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The Dangers in My Heart
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The Dangers in My Heart

Kyōtarō Ichikawa likes to read grotesque books about murders and has dark fantasies about what he could do with those classmates who particularly annoy him. Especially the beauty Anna Yamada from his class often appears in his delusions. One day, Kyōtarō retreats to the library as he often does, when Anna walks in and not only starts munching onigiri, but also hums happily to herself. Kyōtarō gradually realises that she seems to have other strange idiosyncrasies and can take his eyes off her unpredictable behaviour less and less...

This somewhat different RomCom about a pubescent boy and a cranky girl is based on the manga by Norio Sakurai. It is effectively staged by Studio Shin-Ei Animation and director Hiroaki Akagi (Not Again, Takagi-san, A Couple of Cuckoos).

Program item

The Dangers in My Heart


Anime Cinema

Time Slot

  • on Saturday at 17:30
    • Audio on Japanese
    • Subtitle on German
  • on Sunday at 10:30
    • Audio on Japanese
    • Subtitle on German


  • Duration: 50 Minutes


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