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Blue Thermal
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Blue Thermal

Tamaki Tsuru wants to enjoy her new student life at Tokyo University to the fullest, including an exciting love life and everything else that goes with it! However, during a tennis club tryout, a moment of carelessness causes her to damage a glider belonging to the air sports club, and on top of that she has to pay for the damage... This is not at all the glamorous start she had in mind! When she drags herself disillusioned to the glider field, the captain of the club invites her unexpectedly to a test flight. And so fate guides the clueless Tamaki into the endless blue sky to the wind of bliss - the "Blue Thermal"!

Based on a manga by Kana Ozawa, Blue Thermal tells a comig-of-age story about discovering a new passion, but also about mastering past conflicts and worries. Director Masaki Tachibana (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Barakamon) thus gives the audience a real lift full of positive energy!

Program item

Blue Thermal


Anime Cinema

Time Slot

  • on Saturday at 15:30
    • Audio on German
  • on Sunday at 11:30
    • Audio on German


  • Duration: 110 Minutes


peppermint anime

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