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The Case of Hana & Alice
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The Case of Hana & Alice

Alice is having a hard time at her new school. Not only is she the new girl in the small town, but she is also being bullied. At first she can't explain why. Later she learns that the place assigned to her at school was sealed and now the spirit of a "Judas" is free - because of her. And not only that! The only one who knows exactly what Judas' murder and his four wives are all about now no longer comes to school. 

Alice, however, doesn't want to put up with the teasing and follows up on the leads of this incident. In short order, she ends up with the reclusive Hana, the only witness to the crime. Together they set out to solve the case.

Program item

The Case of Hana & Alice


Anime Cinema

Time Slot

  • on Sunday at 13:30
    • Audio on German


  • Duration: 100 Minutes


KSM Anime

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