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STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION – A Musical Experience of the Highest Order! Don't miss this highlight of Anime Messe Babelsberg 2024: STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION will bring its latest anime hits, including "PEACEKEEPER," the gripping opening for the third season of "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime," live to our stage. Mark your calendars: Saturday, 20 July at 16:10 on the Indoor Main Stage and Sunday, 21 July at 11:30 in the grand Outdoor Volcano Arena.

Behind STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION stands the talented musician and composer R・O・N, whose creative vision has significantly shaped the anime music scene. Under the name R・O・N, he has produced songs for voice actors and artists in projects such as "Hypnosis Mic," "A3!" and "Love Live! Sunshine!!". He is also responsible for creating soundtracks, theme songs, and character songs for anime titles such as "Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World" and “BNA”. His compositions and performances for series such as "Food Wars!" with the opening "Chronos", the ending "Storyseeker" for "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" and "Gangsta." with the opening "Renegade" have brought him international recognition. At the fair, he will present an impressive selection of his musical works, including profound pieces like "Pianissimo" from "Futsal Boys!!!!" and "Daisy" from the Kyoto Animation series "Beyond the Boundary".

In addition to the thrilling concerts, STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION offers daily signing sessions, and you can welcome him at the opening ceremony on Friday. Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into the intricate sound world of STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION and experience live how his music brings the stage of Anime Messe Babelsberg 2024 to life.

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Guests of honor and Concerts

Time Slot

  • Signing session on Friday at 13:30
  • Concert on Saturday at 16:10
  • Signing session on Saturday at 17:30
  • Concert on Sunday at 11:30
  • Signing session on Sunday at 12:50

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