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KONTROLLVERLUST - Rock im Animeland!

KONTROLLVERLUST - Rock im Animeland!

KONTROLLVERLUST ROCKS ANIME MESSE BABELSBERG 2024! Experience the unparalleled energy and nostalgic trip as KONTROLLVERLUST shakes the massive Vulkanarena. Don't miss their electrifying concerts on Friday, 19th July from 13:40 to 14:40, and Saturday, 20th July from 10:40 to 11:40 at Filmpark Babelsberg near Berlin! Join KONTROLLVERLUST and turn our Open Air Stage into Germany's "Rock im Animeland" – a highlight of rock-inspired anime music you won't want to miss.

The punk rock band KONTROLLVERLUST, known for their high-energy shows and innovative interpretations of anime songs, is set to create unforgettable moments at Anime Messe Babelsberg 2024. With their latest album "Wir drehen auf," they bring a unique blend of punk attitude and nostalgia to the stage, sure to make the hearts of 90s kids race.

Their main concert on Friday, 19th July, from 13:40 to 14:40 in the Vulkanarena promises an explosive performance that will captivate the audience from the first beat. Another concert follows on Saturday, 20th July, from 10:40 to 11:40, leaving no wish unfulfilled. After the concerts, fans will have the chance to get personal autographs and meet the band up close at the signing sessions at 15:00 (Friday) and 12:00 (Saturday).

In recent years, KONTROLLVERLUST has made a name for themselves with their impressive live performances and creative reinterpretations of well-known songs. With over 7 million views on YouTube and 40,000 followers on TikTok, all without major management, the band shows that they bring pure passion and energy to the stage. Their songs connect people across generations and create an extraordinary sense of community.

Be there when KONTROLLVERLUST shakes the Vulkanarena at Filmpark Babelsberg near Berlin and experience a unique musical trip that blends the past and the future. Don’t miss these one-of-a-kind concerts at Anime Messe Babelsberg 2024!

Program item

KONTROLLVERLUST - Rock im Animeland!


Guests of honor and Concerts

Time Slot

  • Concert on Friday at 13:40
  • Signing session on Friday at 15:00
  • Concert on Saturday at 10:40
  • Signing session on Saturday at 12:00

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