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HORO - Shrek 2 - The daring hero returns

HORO - Shrek 2 - The daring hero returns

He just wants his peace ...

Hardly back from the honeymoon, Fiona urges her to visit her parents. Shrek, probably the most inept son-in-law of all times, is not thrilled. Because if the princess of the heart was actually Prince Charming promised and the good fairy insists on fulfillment of the old contract, one meets with the valued parents not necessarily on love.

On a confrontational course with the king, pursued by an assassin and always in the ubiquitous accompaniment of the most annoying hoofed animal on earth, the ogre must soon ask himself: What is one not doing for love?

Program item

HORO - Shrek 2 - The daring hero returns



Time Slot

  • on Sunday at 16:10 Uhr


  • Duration: 60 Minutes

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