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Yuna Fukinbara in Concert

Yuna Fukinbara in Concert

You've had to wait a long time, but now we can finally spoil you with cool Japanese concerts again! Join us in looking forward to the talented singer-songwriter Yuna Fukinbara!!! She will be performing live in the big Volcano Arena on Friday and Saturday.

Yuna Fukinbara is a 18-year-old singer-songwriter. After winning the Selcy Kids Vocal Contest in 2016, she gained exposure on TV shows such as TV Tokyo's "The Karaoke Battle" and TV Asahi's "Music Champ". In 2019, she was selected from 3,000 contestants to perform live on a music project (Gesu no Kyokumio Otome) hosted by Enon Kawatani. 

In contrast to her calm and cute appearance, she has a powerful voice and captivates everyone with her clear voice. She released her first album "mirror" on 13 April and you can currently hear her song "Overload" in the current season of "Kyoukai Senki: AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline" since April 2022. Before that, she had already contributed the ending "You're my perfect mirror" to the first season of the series.

She will perform live in the large Volcano Arena on Friday during the Opening Ceremony (17:00), Saturday (16:50) and Sunday (14:30) and will also be available for Q&A panel.  

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Yuna Fukinbara in Concert


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  • Concert on Saturday at 16:50
  • Concert on Sunday at 14:30

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