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SnowDragon - Cosplay

SnowDragon - Cosplay

He started in 2019 as a link cosplayer at Gamescom and has a large fan base. You can meet him in person at the Anime Messe Babelsberg 2022. Take a photo with him or come to the cosplay competition on Saturday, where he will also be a member of the jury.

Who is SnowDragon? He wanted to give you a personal answer to this question:

"Hey, I'm Max from Nuremberg, aka SnowDragon! You might be wondering who I am ;) Well, I've been a relatively active cosplayer on my social media channels under SnowDragon since I discovered cosplay as a new hobby for myself 3 years ago. Back then I went to Gamescom 2019 in the Cosplay link, my first convention I went to as a cosplayer.

Since then, I've already accumulated over 30 different cosplays and it's getting more and more... I don't even know where to put all the cosplays anymore ;) Anime Manga / Games are just exactly my world, oh and I love Japan^^ Yeees, I've been there too. Anyway... What else do I do? In real life I study something with media and computer science and I also have my own IT start-up that I have to take care of. I like to travel, do a lot with friends and love Netflix, as well as videogames ;)"

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SnowDragon - Cosplay



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