The 2019 line-up is still online. You can expect another great show in 2020!
Breaking news about the filmpark and presale

Breaking news about the filmpark and presale

COS@Filmpark 14.09.2018 16:30
We have just signed the new contract with the Filmpark Babelsberg, which should please you! Shortly the most important points:
  • the Filmpark is included in all tickets of the fair
  • the park is open on saturday and sunday from 10am
  • the Caligari Hall in the park is open Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • On Saturday there will be open-air concerts in the volcano
Is that cool? I hope we can give you a little pleasure. You can also help us with this project by sharing this great message with all your friends. One ticket, all included. Because we love anime!
Start of presale is on Monday the 24th of September 2018 at 4pm. The first 200 ticket customers will also receive a 5 Euro voucher from the!

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